We are proud to support Ben Wick for Spokane Valley City Council!

County Commissioner Shelly O'Quinn

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich

Prosecuting Attorney Larry Haskell

Former Spokane Valley Mayor Mike DeVleming,

Former Spokane Valley Mayor Diana Wilhite,

Former Spokane Valley Mayor Tom Towey,

Former Spokane Valley Mayor Dean Grafos,

Former City Council Member Bill Gothmann,

Former City Council Member Chuck Hafner,

Chuck and Virginia Adolfson Cindy Hallett Karen Morris
John Ahern Lesley Haskell Jan Munson
Karen Burgard Nathan Hauber Robert and Sharon Race
John Carroll Barb Howard Marcia Sands
Mike Davisson Darryl Isotalo Chris and Malinda Stein
Joe Dawson Sally Jackson Carol Snyder
Charlie Florance Brandy Jones Tyrus and Kathy Tenold
Lori Gardner Art Keinath Bob and Dawn West
Larry Garner Donna O'Leary Ty and Diane Wick
Myrna Gothmann Dean and Cody Mazzola Tim and Laura Wick
Misty Griffith Jessica and Dale McLaughlin Terry Wick
Brian and Alana Gruss Julie Meyers-Lehman Rick Wilhite


If you would like to support Ben Wick for Spokane Valley City Council and be included on this list please contact Ben at or by using the contribute page by clicking here.